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Kongcrete & Co.

If you are looking for outstanding construction services or clean renovation for your homes in general, or any part of your home in specific, we have got you covered. Among all the construction companies in Pakistan, Kongcrete & Co. is one of the names you can trust. We put in our years of experience, vast knowledge, and utmost best to provide our clients with the most satisfactory construction experiences. Moreover, home improvement and home remodeling are dealt with sheer professionalism.

In a word, Kongcrete & Co. is home to cost-effective construction plans, professional management, clean and satisfactory services, and a place you can definitely trust with your hard-earned money.

Our areas of expertise

Kongcrete & Co. has been constructing masterpieces for years in which our professionals put their expertise and knowledge. From our early days, we have progressed into a dynamic and diverse construction and renovation company, delivering complex projects all across Pakistan.

As Pakistan’s well-recognized construction company, our architectural wisdom is well beyond that of a general construction contractor of the country. However, our foundation is constructed upon taking care of the clients, their budget, and the environment. We delve into the idea of investing in company-client relationships. We pride ourselves on working with our Pakistani individuals, corporates, and organizations alike.

We are a safe pair of hands who will guide you through the construction and management process and work for you while remaining honest and transparent. Kongcrete & Co. has a reputation for honesty and professionalism. These traits combined with the provision of satisfactory work experience make us stand on the top.

Besides, we are nationally active from the Capital to Karachi, from Peshawar to Lahore, and all across Pakistan. Our guiding principle is to take into account our clients’ needs, building not just in developed locations of Pakistan, but also in the most remote regions of Pakistan.

Creativity, Innovation, Sustainability, Trust, and Honesty. This is Kongcrete & Co.
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Vardag & Associates

Vardag and Associates was founded in 1976 and till the current date we have worked on numerous commercial as well as residential projects. We are pioneers in the world of Architecture with 45 years of experience under our belt.

Our esteemed projects
Consultancy Including Supervision

Vardag & Associates provides top-notch design services that consists of architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing including sewerage and water supply design. The design work is followed by supervision of the project in which we make sure that everything is done according to the designs and drawings which are issued for the construction work.

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